IT Support & Repairs

Expert repairs that you can trust, we'll have you back online in no time.

At K4 Computers, we understand how integral technology is to your daily life and business operations. From desktops to laptops, printers to gaming rigs, we know that even a minor malfunction can disrupt your productivity and cause frustration.

We offer the following expert repair services

Computer Repairs or PC Repairs

We diagnose and fix hardware and software issues on desktop computers. Our technicians identify and resolve problems that affect your computer's performance, and we will ensure that it functions optimally.

Laptop repairs

Our Technicians troubleshoot and repair laptop components, such as keyboards, batteries, charging ports, and internal hardware or software related problems. We also replace damaged or malfunctioning screens on laptops.Be it for cracked, broken, or non-functional displays, for most of the popular brands available in South Africa.

SSD installations

SSD installations involve upgrading your computer's storage by replacing the traditional hard drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). This results in much improved speed, faster boot times, and enhanced overall performance. If your old hard drive is still in good working condition, it can be used as an external storage drive.

Port replacements

Port replacements refer to replacing damaged or faulty input/output ports on computers or laptops. This includes USB ports, HDMI ports, audio jacks, and other connection points.

New PC builds

New PC builds involve custom assembling computers based on individual needs and preferences. Our technicians carefully select compatible components and build a system optimized for specific tasks balancing your budget and your specific needs efficiently.This also involves loading an Operating system such as Windows 11, and related software like an antivirus for security and Office 365 for productivity or specific needs.

Printer repairs

We diagnose and fix issues with printers, such as paper jams, connectivity problems, print quality issues, or malfunctioning components. Our skilled technicians aim to restore printer functionality efficiently with quality original parts being used when the need arises.

Our repair services ensure that your older hardware can be upgraded or repaired to optimal condition