Since 2002

Providing excellent service for over two decades.

Established 2002

The company gets its unique name because of a piece of software developed by a young inspired entrepreneur. Having an interest in programming, he wrote up a script for IRC which was called K1, based on his IRC nickname which was KiNg. A few months later, he created add-ons and integrated a music player into the IRC script which was then called K2. The next version K3 was called The Triple Alliance and had many additional options and features and was more script based! The following program was a combination of the 3 previous programs together with a linked database.

This was the origins of the name K4!

About K4

Company History

The business itself – K4 Computers was established in 2002 in a garage in Laudium, a suburb of Pretoria West. This business started off by providing various IT services to the people in the neighborhood who needed support. These services included the building of machines, loading of software, software problem solving, and some network related work.

Business growth a year later required a move to a small office in the Laudium CBD to run the business in a more professional manner. This also allowed K4 to increase the amount repairs and services done. Soon, an internet café was also established. The popularity of this business required the procurement of several additional computers to meet the demand of a growing client base. Clients were offered services such as Skype, email, internet messaging and browsing at high speeds – a service hitherto not available in the area.

The business grew, as did the services provided. K4 was now offering networking, call-out services and sales of software and hardware.

In 2005 K4 Computers moved to much bigger premises, with a retail front, to accommodate the growing market. Other services, including wireless internet, web hosting and fax to email were then introduced, along with a wide range of branded products, accessories and consumables to cater for all users

Computer training, online sales, web hosting and web design were offered to clients in 2008. As more services were introduced to the company, it began growing rapidly and saw an increase in the customer base.

Much of the growth and popularity of the K4 beyond the shores of Laudium came from a consistent and prosperous presence of a stall at the Pretoria show since 2003. The business was growing!

Company Overview & Strategy

The company has targeted the business, end-user and gaming communities. Hence, we offer services such as Sales, Repairs ,upgrades, maintenance, support, training, networking, internet solutions such as internet access and hosting, web designing, Fax 2 Email services, Pc & Console gaming. What sets us apart is our ability to give each client individual attention. This is what gave the company a high level of customer satisfaction. K4 Computers is the only computer store servicing a community of more than 50 000 people! Over the years, the company has grown from strength to strength and is now well established. Today K4 Computer has become confident enough to also venture into offering businesses customized solutions.

K4 Strives to give you the best service through SLA Management or Standard services.

BEE Status

K4 Computers is 100% black-owned, staffed and managed. The company also has a policy of 100% BEE procurement in sourcing its goods, services and materials.

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